Cancer and it’s conqueror

A 2017 statistic from the Irish Cancer society found that there are over 40,000 new cases of cancer diagnosed in Ireland every year. 

No diagnosis is easy, but when someone in your immediate family gets the cancer diagnosis every one’s life is changed in a matter of minutes. This news can either make or break the family rhythm be that temporarily or permanently

Throughout my childhood I’ve experienced loss, laughs and every emotion under the sun. This is similar to what I’ve seen with my own family’s dealing with the dreaded C word.

Its hard to know what every family member themselves is thinking or feeling. Everyone wants to continue their usual ‘position’ in the family. I am the happy one, the positive one who is always looking after others and is upset when I cant help a situation. This is a situation that can’t be changed by a few long chats or hugs. 

However, how you choose to take the news can be  almost as important as the strength of the disease itself. I’ve witnessed so many losses of lives from this horrible disease and how their family deals with the grief is simply amazing.

My first hand experience of seeing someone conquer cancer and not living life to the fullest because of the ‘what ifs’ and the fear of the unknown has taught me to never take life for granted for one second and always think about those who are worse off. 


Life is fantastic and full of the highs and lows.How we deal with the lows are the making of the highs. 

If you or someone you know is struggling to cope with a diagnosis there are always people to talk to. The ARC Cancer support centre is a fabulous resource for all involved in the process of dealing with Cancer and it’s remnants

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