Borrow My Doggy

Ever wondered what your life would be like with an extra member of the family? An extra set of paws in house? is a website that aims to leave ‘pawprints of happiness’ on its users. From first glimpse BorrowMyDoggy resembles Tinder , but for dogs and their owners to find a borrower that will love and walk their dog as their own on occasion. The website enables each dog owner and specify when they’re available,what size of dog they’re looking for and you are shown your suitable matches according to your canine preferences.

With over 300,000 members all over UK and Ireland a premium membership costs €12.99 a year,giving you unlimited amount of message sending and third party liability insurance for when you get walking! If you feel worried about a dog you are caring for’s health you can access a 24hr professional vet helpline.

BorrowMyDoggy was born in 2012 when founder Rikke took care of her neighbor’s dog and realized that there were thousands of dog lovers out there willing to take care of dogs for free,undoubtedly a painless alternative to dog kennels.

I have signed up to the site myself and have already planned visits to meet 2 gorgeous dogs that are looking to be taken on a walk one day a week. I’ll be blogging and recording my time on BorrowMyDoggy, as I start on my quest of finding some puppy love.


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