I Borrowed a Doggy

When that first date anxiety takes you over and you question all your resounding qualities and doubt your appearance. Except this time it’s all for the love of dogs.

I arranged to meet my first BorrowMyDoggy mate before 2 pm on Monday after my work day was done. This seemed like a great idea at the time and the owner asked me to text them when I was 30 minutes away. Unlike Whatsapping your friends communicating with someone you’ve never met is difficult so I figured the less communication the better.

This proved to be a big misjudgment. After arriving 15 minutes early and not receiving a text or phone call I decided I was being stood up by a dog. This is not something anyone wants or would ask for from their life.

I felt betrayed and called my friends to tell them of my misfortune, this was obviously the best thing that could have happened to me in their eyes.

Alas,Helen the lovely owner called me and apologised for being late and I returned to my joyful state. Then it was time to meet my new friend: Ruby!

Ruby ran towards me like an elegant ballerina and with that we were off. Everything went as smooth as possible with Ruby only pulling the lead once or twice. BorrowMyDoggy.com comes with a ‘dog size’ tool bar which you select the size you’d like to be matched with. This is definitely something a borrower should take into consideration when looking for their perfect match as an old woman decided she would slander me by saying “Looks like he’s taking YOU for a walk hehe.”

beyonce gif.gif

By the end of my first date with Ruby I was both energised and full of puppy love! Ruby was a tired pup and her owner got to take a break and put her feet up. I’ve arranged to walk Ruby again next week to take her for another date to the park! BorrowMyDoggy is a voluntary group like no other and it’s benefits effect everyone involved for the better!


^^^Here’s me and Ruby mid stroll, loving life!

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