A New Family Member

Getting a new pet is a huge lifestyle change and a major decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. The perfect environment for your new pet to flourish is essential to its happiness.

Being a second-time rabbit owner I knew exactly what I wanted: to treat my bunny like royalty.

This is why I explored every avenue before purchasing a hutch for my new bunny of joy! Local pet shops can charge upwards from €200 for a reasonably sized hutch. Rabbits require constant exercise and hop-ability so maximising spacing and minimising cost is necessary.

Another issue is construction, most modern hutches come flat packed so it is a worry that you splash all your cash on a huge rabbit mansion only to struggle massively to put it together.

When I stumbled upon rabbits.ie I was amazed at seeing ‘starter kits’ as in pet shops, these are long gone and grant you very little offers, if any at all.

Another worry for rabbit owners who have their rabbits outdoors is Ireland’s ever-changing weather conditions and how adaptable its living quarters could be.These concerns were no longer present when I came across ‘The Daisy starter kit’ with a hutch cover for when the winter months roll in. Not only this but it’s literally a bunny castle complete with a small run or as my family calls, it Rick’s ‘conservatory’.

As a purely online shop, you order online and delivery is extremely speedy. I received my order within just 42 hours of ordering. The construction of the hutch took only 30 minutes and Rick couldn’t be happier. I couldn’t recommend using rabbits.ie anymore, it has saved me money and time!

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