Getting on the road

Everyone says that learning to drive is similar to riding a bike is lying….

I decided to take my step into the big bad world of driving and book my theory test and ventured on a month or two of studying the rules of the road which was something I found it fascinating especially roads signs which you see every day but I never really thought too much about their meaning (don’t @ me).

After successfully passing my theory test I booked my driving lessons with the most recommended driving instructor my friends had previously driven with. My driving instructor was adorable and taught me so much, HOWEVER it wasn’t until I got my own car that I realised just how much work the instructor does behind your back that really prevents you knocking down every pedestrian that crosses your path.driving

My parents have only one car so they decided it was far too precious for their favourite clumsy daughter to practice driving in so thus I used my life savings to buy my own little motor. My journey with Millie (my little car) so far has had its bumps but I’m slowly but surely getting the confidence to get driving in the fast lane of real life.

The biggest part of the advice I could give go anyone learning to drive would be to relax, don’t panic, and that your break is your best friend. Your safety is always number one, always wear a seatbelt!

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